Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Four more years?

Some idiots want four more years of lousy speeches, lousy politicians, and lousy government. I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a lousy idea, but there ain’t enough of us to make a difference. We’re outnumbered.

We’re outnumbered by the people out there who have already made up their minds about Obama or are still undecided. O.K., I know why racists aren’t voting for the “uppity” black guy with the scary last name. Anyone who still makes the important decisions about people’s lives exclusively predicated on skin color aren’t going to be convinced by logic, no matter how bad things get. What I can’t figure out are the folks who are still “undecided”.

How is that possible? Where have they been living for the past eight years? Pleasantville?

Looking at the Handwriting On The Wall, it’s been damned easy to read: Incompetence + Arrogance + Cruelty = Republicans. Yeah, it hasn’t helped that the spineless Democrats have bent over faster than the new guy locked up in ‘Oz’, but let’s be realistic, alright? Throughout the disastrous presidency of George Bush, the Republicans have gotten everything they wanted. Look what happened. 9/11, the war in Iraq, Katrina, and other monstrous fuck ups have happened with the Republicans in charge. So what is John McSame and his running mate, Little Miss Nanook of the Alaska Nazis telling us? 1) It wasn’t our fault, and 2) We’ll get it right next time.

In a sane world, the answer would be “No Way, No How, No McCain”. But amazingly, some confused inmates are muttering, “I dunno”.

And I’m scared to death because I know the Republicans wants four more years so they can finish the job. Don’t be fooled. Before they’re done, the Republican party wants to end abortions, close schools, shut down libraries, kill organizations like Planned Parenthood, stop food stamps, get rid of Head Start, phase out Affirmative Action programs, teach those loudmouth unions guys a lesson, and privatize Social Security. Do you think I’m paranoid? Not when I hear about Army interrogators in Iraq using Jack Bauer as a role model.

If this happens, we won’t be able to blame hanging chads, Diebold, Ralph Nader, Clinton’s blowjob, the Supreme Court or Katherine Harris. No, it’ll be the fault of those “undecided” Americans who care more about which jerk is getting voted off the island in “Survivor” this week than voting criminals out of political office. And this time, the third time won’t be the charm.


Sueloma said...

I am wondering myself why would anyone want 4 more years of regressive social policy, war, and a dead-end pursuit of oil as our energy, declining infrastructure? I have begun to realize that Fox News has created a lot of the contentiousness between conservatives and liberals, and is doing so with astounding propaganda, lies, and slander. Like a cult, it tells people that all other news sources are "liberal", that you can only trust Fox, making far-right wingers out of the middle and near-right conservatives. If we could just start a grass-roots "Turn off Fox" campaign among the independents. I think that Fox is so sophisticated in their brain-washing that we are no longer able to have discourse between the left and the right.