Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nadja, Ken, and Michael.

"All I can say, pretty looks isn't all" ~ Heptones~

It's not, and it can sure get you killed. I bet some of Nadja Benaissa's partners are hoping that it doesn't get them killed. Seems they swung some eps with my girl and she failed to mention that she was....well, HIV positive. Oh ohh, yes fellows, that can be a little problematic.

"The one-time pop star was tried in juvenile court because the sexual encounters began when she was 17, which is also the age she was when she learned she had HIV after a pregnancy test."

Memo to all you players out there, never leave your jimmies at home. It could save your life. [Story]

Speaking of failing to mention something: So let me get this straight; you mean to tell me that all those years Ken Mehlman was leading the republican hit parade against Gays and leftist, he was a closeted Gay man ,himself? Oh my. You just never know where those skeletons will come from.

"The unity of the Republican Party's electoral coalition may have been dealt a setback this week when longtime top party official Ken Mehlman walked out of the closet.

Many Washington insiders long had suspected that Mr. Mehlman, a former Republican National Committee chairman who ran President George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, is gay, but the public admission - and Mr. Mehlman's promise to work actively for legalizing same-sex marriages - clash for many with the party's message on social values.

'I could care less if Ken is a gay; it is a private matter. But gay marriage is not,' said Indiana Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp Jr.. Mr. Bopp, a constitutional lawyer who has argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, co-founded the first formal conservative caucus within the RNC."

"Marriage is NOT a private matter"? Mr. Bopp (I love that name) you have got to be kidding me. The honest truth is this: the sooner you republicans get into the 21st Century the easier life will be for you. Twisting yourselves up like a pretzel in order to make sense of your twisted positions is starting to make you folks look really stupid.

"Earlier this year, an informal private agreement was reached among some social, religious and fiscal conservatives and Republican officials to emphasize fiscal issues in the midterm elections and to downplay issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and stem-cell research."

Of course. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Why do I get the feeling that the rise of the tea party folks and wingnuts is causing more stuff like this to happen here in A-merry-ca. Still, I am going to leave this one alone. I need some new Air R's before I can go chasing my man racism, he has gotten way too fast for me. Where is Glenn Beck when you need him to bring peace and racial harmony to a troubled country? Oh yes, he will be in D.C. this weekend. I can't wait.

Unfortunately for Michael Enright he won't be there.- Although I know he would love to be. It seems my man has been taking his cues from Glenn lately. Hey Michael, cab drivers piss me off sometimes, too, but I don't go around pretending that they are a Thanksgiving turkey just to make a point.

When Food Goes Bad

Recalled eggs could still reach your table
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) - The Iowa hens at the heart of a massive recall are still laying eggs that could end up on a table near you. And food safety experts say that's OK.

The eggs will first be pasteurized to rid them of any salmonella. Then they can be sold as liquid eggs or added to other products.

Officials from the two farms that have recalled more than a half-billion eggs say there's no reason not to use the eggs while federal officials investigate the outbreak. Wright Egg Farms and Hillandale Farms issued the recall after learning that salmonella may have sickened as many as 1,300 people.

Spokeswomen for the farms said their hens are still laying several million eggs a day. Those eggs are being sent to facilities where their shells are broken and the contents pasteurized.

Hillandale Farms spokeswoman Julie DeYoung said the operation has 2 million birds that lay an egg about every 26 hours.

"It's close to 2 million eggs a day," she said.

But the pasteurization only affects eggs that are being laid now. Recalled eggs that had already been shipped to stores are destroyed.

Both companies say they are waiting to hear from the Food and Drug Administration before deciding what, if anything, to do with their hens.

The FDA cannot order the farms to kill hens that may be infected with salmonella, but the farms could decide to take that step on their own. Neither would discuss that possibility.
"Naked Lunch", Jack Kerouac once explained, "is that frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork." It's a terrible epiphany that never goes away.

And it’s an experience that’s being shared by more and more people every day.

There was a time when the worst you had to worry about eating eggs was too much cholesterol. Those were the days, huh?

I think I just lost my appetite.

Sometimes doing nothing is worse than doing something bad because usually doing nothing makes bad things worse. And unfortunately there's been lots of nothing not-happening all over the country.

Call me foolish, but I'm not worried about a terrorist attack. Osama bin Laden didn’t poison our eggs, did he?

It's the not-so-slow erosion of our aging infrastructure that's scaring the fuck outta me. Our bridges, our rail system, and our highways get worse every damned day. Libraries, schools and hospitals are closing. There's not enough cops on the streets. There's fewer jobs, the number of foreclosures are up, and more Americans are in debt. Medical insurance is horribly expensive. And why in the hell are we hearing reports of food on supermarket shelves killing people?

When the America people voted for the dumb-ass, smirking fratboy who promised "lower taxes" and "less government" this is what happens. Sure, he’s gone, but he’s not forgotten. Elections have consequences, after all. When corporations are left to "regulate" themselves, checks and balances disappear. Cities drown, bridges fall down, and food is poison. When Bush gutted the FDA and replaced the competent people with idiots who couldn't do their jobs, the organization that was entrusted to keep our food safe wasn't able to do it anymore.

These days, agribusiness is a corporate entity that produces bad food and is destructive to the environment on a global scale. Maybe I’m wrong, but the Obamas growing fresh vegetables on the White House lawn isn’t going to be enough.

How long before Soylent Green is the safest food we can eat?