Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ben Jealous, NAACP, Sleeping With The Enemy

Well it appears that NAACP is sleeping with the enemy.  You see, The NAACP believes, what Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour believes, that government should control our bodies and can do what it likes with them after it declares us to be a criminal." As Desiree Washington also noted, "This action of making organ donation compulsory if one wants a fair prison sentence transforms an act of altruism into state oppression that could imitate and rival China’s lucrative forced organ harvesting market." Read More Here 

What am I talking about? I'm talking about how Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Thursday of last week, suspended the life sentences of two black sisters who’d already served 16 years for an armed robbery that netted $11. Barbour conditioned the suspended life sentences on the promise that one sister would donate one of her healthy kidney to her sister, who is presently on dialysis paid for by the state to the tune of about $200,000 annually. And get this, the national office of the NAACP is making bizarre comments about his decision, saying,  “This is a shining example of how governors should use their commutation powers.”

AAP says: There goes NAACP President Benjamin Jealous again, this time he is stepping up as Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour "yes um" boss man, negro...

I agree with the Root's E.R. Shipp, "Pardoning two women serving life sentences for an $11 robbery they may not have committed is hardly a profile in courage." Read More HERE

(above) NAACP President Benjamin Jealous
plays in black face and charlatan for Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

As reported by Desiree Washington, many are saying that Barbour’s conditional pardon may be unethical and possibly illegal”

Get this, Michael Shapiro, chief of organ transplantation at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, told the Reuters news agency. “He is unaware of the procedures of transplantation that include making sure donors are not coerced.”

I'm in agreement with so many black bloggers, like who are raising questions about the NAACP Sleeping With The Enemy, and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour brand of  Mississippi justice.

As Earl Ofari Hutchinson noted, Jealous’s praise of Barbour as a “shining example” was stunning, given Barbour’s years of resistance in the face of a national campaign for the sisters’ release and the conditions he imposed on the two women when he finally did show mercy. Thirty-six-year-old Gladys must donate a kidney to 38-year-old Jamie, who is seriously ill. Meanwhile, four convicted killers whom Barbour earlier pardoned and another whose life sentence he suspended had no conditions placed on them in return for clemency, despite the brutality of their crimes.  More HERE

As Reid Report Editor Joy-Ann (“Joy”) Reid a political columnist for the Miami Herald and editor of The Reid Report noted;  Ah, Mississippi justice. … The women, who are being housed in different parts of a prison just outside Jackson, Mississippi, say they want to go to Florida to be with their mother and children. Florida corrections officials would be in charge of making sure the kidney ransom is paid.

And while it’s a very good thing for the women to be freed, one wonders whether Barbour would have done it had he not come under fire for his ridiculous comments on race and the segregation era, and were he not likely seeking the presidency. I’d wager a guess it wouldn’t have happened. The Scott sisters’ case isn’t new. It has been a cause among activists for years.

Here’s Barbour’s statement on the release. I’m surprised he didn’t add a condition that the sisters appear in a campaign commercial for his presidential run, praising him as a fine example of Southern courtliness and good favor toward the colored people."  Read more HERE