Friday, August 17, 2007

I no longer fear the Kucinich Revolution: Part 2

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Read Part 1 HERE.

Going back and watching Kucinich in earlier debates via YouTube, one thing I noticed was how he usually said thank-you for the question and was always very polite but firm and stern in his beliefs.

Since I published Part 1, I heard in response two distinct voices, "Thank God people are starting to get Kucinich!" and the other was "He can't win." Well, neither can Hillary but that doesn't stop people from supporting her and dumping stink-loads of cash in her bank account. She is the only Democratic candidate that will motivate conservatives to come to the polls and vote AGAINST her. Obama and Edwards don't fuel that level of hatred. And in America, that is saying a LOT about Obama. At least America is maturing on ONE issue.

There was one other minority position, but it was the most disturbing. Paraphrasing here, "We tried voting our beliefs with McGovern and you saw where that got us!" Friends, the Republicans ALWAYS vote on their beliefs and they are more successful than the Democrats. Why must progressives lower their standards? The Republicans don't. Since I have been voting, conservatives got two terms for Reagan, one for Bush Senior and TWO for Bush Junior - the later being the WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

The fact isn't the Dems fail because they vote their beliefs, the Dems fail because that can't articulate what they believe in. Jesse Helms was bat-shit crazy but he constantly won and he had NO problem articulating his beliefs.

Well, this is true to a point. Dennis Kucinich always speaks his mind, directly to the point with nary a waver. You know where he stands.

My question is, do you know where YOU stand?

Never let it be said liberals don't support the troops.

During the first Gulf War, I began collecting books to send to my college friends serving in Saudi Arabia. I must have sent hundreds of books. When US troops got deployed to Iraq, I started doing it again but I knew the job was too big for one person to do it, so I set up Books For Soldiers, a 501 (c)(3) charity to send free books, dvds and video games to deployed US soldiers.

But I wasn't that smart since I only thought the war would last 6 weeks tops in Iraq. What was I thinking? Now, FOUR years later, we are still shipping books.

But today I need your help. There is a contest sponsored by, they will contribute $2,000 to charitable military organizations next month in its Charity for Charities event. You can vote on your favorite charitable military organizations. The top four charitable organizations and a randomly selected organization will share $2,000 in donations from VAJoe. Books for Soldiers has been included in the event.

The Alexa Traffic Rank for is 242,975 and you would not believe our bandwidth bills!

So these next few days, I am asking (begging actually) for your vote for Books For Soldiers. It won't take you 30 seconds to help a liberal out!


A short, fast and easy site registration is required.

P.S. Thank-you Michael Moore for supporting BFS.

P.P.S. if you just want to donate, click here.


Lane D. said...

Thanks for mentioning Charity for Charities on your blog. We're at it again. We’ve got a new contest on VAJoe: NFL Pick'em. It's the only NFL Pick'em on the web for active duty, veterans and their family members. Prizes include a Hitachi 50" Plasma HDTV, a $500 Best Buy Gift Card and weekly prizes.

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