Monday, August 6, 2007

Jake Brown: The Man Who Fell To Earth

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If baseball is still as American as "apple pie" it is because baseball is just as corrupt as our government. Fake records, lying players, out-of-control coaches and steroids by the gallon - sounds just like the Bush Administration to me.

Then I was watching the X Games this past weekend and was treated to unvarnished competition. The X Games is my generation's answer to the Olympics featuring BMX bicycles, skateboards, motorcross, surfing, skiing and even off-road car rallies. But these X Gamers were different from other "athletes." They never have $20 million contracts, most barely make enough to buy health insurance. You never hear of performance enhancing drugs, but performance DEhancers are common - you know, pot! Also, you never see the temper tantrums that "professional" athletes tend to throw either because they are spoiled or because they are suffering from roid rage.

But this weekend showed a classic example of the mettle and fortitude of X Gamer endurance and courage. Jake Brown, a skateboarder from Carlsbad, California went splat and by "splat" I mean he lost control on a high vertical jump and fell 50 feet onto the ground below. (must-see YouTube link) He hit so hard, both shoes flew off his feet! But Jake Brown stood up and walked off the platform, unlike some "athletes" that need to be carried off the field for a minor wrist sprain.

From the LA Times:

Brown, 32, is fortunate to be alive after crash landing from more than 45 feet during Thursday night's skateboarding big air competition.

He also sustained bruises to his liver and lung, and a mild concussion. The liver injury is what's keeping him under watch at California Hospital Medical Center in downtown Los Angeles.

"I'm going to check out today," said the Carlsbad athlete, whose wrist injury is a small bone fracture. "I'm just waiting on an X-ray, and they want to make sure my liver's not still bleeding. I just want to get out of here, dude."

When baseball becomes gnarly once again, I might watch and one day I might even respect it again. But as along as baseball is as American as BushCo, expect me to continue to ignore it.