Friday, September 14, 2007

Dennis “Firewall” Kucinich

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This is Part 6 of the series "I No Longer Fear The Kucinich Revolution."
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Looking at where we are at as a nation, we are in the same place with our domestic issues as where Cleveland was in 1977 when Dennis Kucinich was elected Mayor.

When Kucinich took office, the city was out of control. The city was the leader of the newly emerging "Rust Belt." City corruption was rampant, especially with the city's police department. In essence, Kucinich took the most unwanted and thankless job in America because he had a vision of a better Cleveland, Ohio.

During his tenure as Mayor, he began the long painful process of turning the city around and he risked his political career as well as his life to do so - to build a better Cleveland. Undoing decades of neglect, abuse and corruption cannot be completed overnight or in four years, but Kucinich's contribution to the city was to play the role of firewall or intervention counselor. He did his job so well, Republicans that had the job after him, praised his work as being visionary and the city would not be where it is today without his management of they city when it was in its darkest days.

I would submit to you we need a firewall in the White House because the Virus In Chief is spreading out of control.

Those who think they are throwing there vote away who also think Kucinich is the best for the job, well, that is just malware in the system.