Monday, October 15, 2007

Gore not compatible with Evangelicals?

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When I was a teen, I got kicked out of Sunday School. I was not disruptive, drunk, high or violent, my crime for banishment was curiosity.

Actually, I got suspended, then booted for good. Here is how it went down. The teacher was discussing Noah's Flood and how the water covered all the Earth, then the waters receded and the ark came to rest upon the land.

I asked in all sincerity, "So where did the water go?"

"The water is now frozen in the North and South Poles."

"That can't be. If you melt all the water on the Earth, the sea level would rise less than 100 feet. To cover the whole of the Earth with water, you would need to cover Mount Everest with water, thus raising sea level by almost 30,000 feet. That is a large amount of water, so where did it go?"

"Well, Mt. Everest wasn't there then."

"Then neither would Mt. Ararat."

Out I go for three weeks.

Once they let me back in, I sit and mostly ignore the teacher until this whopper came out of her mouth.

"In the Garden of Eden, Adam named all the plants and animals and dinosaurs."

"Excuse me Ma'am, the dinosaurs didn't exist when humans were around. That is why you never find dinosaur bones mixed in with human bones. They never co-existed."

And that was it for me, that was when I left Christianity.

These events were in 1979 and I think the Evangelical movement has become MORE anti-science and MORE separatist since then. In recent years, the only thinking Christians I have come to know have been from liberal blogs. I haven't met any since 1979 is my offline life, they only get more hard core as the years roll by.

I understand "real" Christian values would support things like universal healthcare, eradication of poverty, world peace, and support the cherished possession of the thing we call The Earth, but "mainstream" Christians embrace war with a callous disregard for human life, support torture of the human body, mind and spirit, support tyrants and seek the raping of all natural resources.

These aren't "Gore People" and probably never will be.