Monday, October 29, 2007

Hillary “Supports” the Troops, Troops Support Ron Paul and Obama

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I am truly sick and tired of this God-awful war. Maybe I am overly critical of the Bush Administration's policy of preemptive war - Roman Style, but since I have a brother in the service who has had two missions in the alleged "War On Terror," I am open to the idea that I might be overly sensitive to the pure and utter waste of human life under the Bush Regime. What's a million refugees and a few hundred thousand dead bodies among friends?

This makes it doubly painful when the Democratic Congressional Leadership and Presidential front-runner Hillary can't seem to fall out of love with war. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are abysmal excuses for leaders and should lose their seats in Congress for their total disregard of the people's voice at the ballot box a year ago. Hillary's drum beat towards a showdown with Iran is just as inexcusable. I have seen this movie before and it doesn't end well.

Condi was emphatic last week saying the US will gladly participate in "open negotiation" with Iran. How about closed? How about behind closed doors like we did during the halcyon days of the Cold War? Yeah, same movie.

I think we are hosed - hosed on a monumental scale of complete and total fuck-up. Rome didn't go this bad, this quick. The plebs are pissed and the Legions are even more upset. When the only Republican, Ron Paul, who is running on the platform of "Get The Hell Out" and gets the most troops donating, it should be telling somebody something. It should really tell Hillary something since the troops are bypassing her up to dump cash on Obama who has a more rational idea of preemptive war "it's a bad idea." Much more rational I say to you.

It is so bad and so upside down in circumstance, peace-nik, hippie-like San Francisco might become Ron Paul territory.

That should be a wake-up call.

But then again, San Francisco is prone to earthquakes.

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Attorneymom said...

Tell your brother I said thank you. I am so grateful that we have such brave men and women who voluntarily enlist in the armed services to protect this Country. Instead of taking our freedoms for granted, we, as Americans, should show more support for our Troops. I hate how soldiers are treated by the Government or the general public upon return from serving their country. We should solute a soldier each time we see one.