Wednesday, October 3, 2007

limbaugh is no comedian!

we are quite fed up with the left trying to propigate the meme that rush limbaugh is a comedian.

we know that it's an earnest attempt to diffuse the idea that rush is a pundit...after all, if you call someone a comedian, who would take him seriously?

if we can divorce limbaugh from the label of pundit or analyst, the conventional wisdom seems to say, then he won't have the power, or at least, the punch that his influence seems to indicate. so, call him a comedian, and insult him and dilute him at the same time.

that's all well and good. unless you're a comedian!

skippy is, among other things (husband, patriot, actor, citizen, licensed quantuum mechanic, home owner, writer of wrongs, para-paralegal, proud holder of a poetic license, beloved children's icon), a comedian. and believe us when we tell you, not many comedians think limbaugh is funny.

dennis miller is funny. even ann coulter can write jokes (come on, that bit about having to go to rehab if she used the f-word for edwards was funny). but limbaugh is no comedian.

a true comedian says things that are funny irrespective of the political premise. in other words, a joke has to be funny even if you don't agree with the politics of the joke teller, for the joke teller to be called a "comedian."

we didn't like bob hope's conservative agenda. but we loved bob hope's delivery. but we wanna tell ya...

we have not heard anything limbaugh said that comes close to being funny, unless you subscribe to the moronic self-involved view of political thought (all for me, and if you disagree, you are evil). he is not a comedian.

therefore, we are proposing a new label for rush, which we hope will become the meme of the day:

limbaugh's not a comedian, he's a story-teller. he tells tall tales. he makes stuff up.

this way he's not even given the credit for the wit and intelligence it takes to make a good joke. and, he's labeled as someone who fabricates constantly.

he's a story-teller. he makes shit up. period.

this categorization (and marginalization) of limbaugh will not only dilute his standing, it will pay tribute to real comedians, like jon stewart, steve colbert, mort sahl, margaret cho, ellen degeneres, bill maher and skippy.

of course, it may not sit well with garrison keillor. but we can live with that.

addendum: speaking of comedians, conservatives, and the multi-millionaire media, we can't tell if whoopi goldberg was being purposely ironic or just serendipitously clueless when she,a black woman, said to larry king on his show "i have a lot of friends who are conservatives."

ah, but, whoopi, would you want your sister to marry one?