Monday, October 8, 2007

The PR Battle of Iran

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Seriously, there is probably a group of individuals, hunkered down in the bowels of the Pentagon or White House, coming up with a catchy phrase for when Bush bombs the ever-lovin' shit out of Iran.

They will narrow down the selection to maybe less than a dozen then they will present the selections to a series of focus groups. Once the propaganda unit has finished with the focus group (and disposed of the bodies, IMO) the selections will be narrowed to three or so slogans. The PR copy will then be sent to the speechwriters to see how the different slogans can be worked into the daily churn of BS that flows from the Administration and their lackeys. The slogan will also be tested for the President's dictum and cadence.

Once all of that has been done, the new slogan will emerge in a "slow flourish" and within a week, the slogan will be everywhere.

My choice for a slogan that probably won't get used is "the next colossal fuck-up."