Friday, November 16, 2007

Hillary: Master Politician, it is OK to admit it.

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After watching last night’s debate from Las Vegas on CNN, I solidified my theory on one of Hillary’s key campaign strategies. She may seem to be equivocating on the issues surrounding foreign policy, but what I think what she is really doing is allowing the rest of the Democratic field to paint her as strong on defense… and the field seems to have fallen right into the trap.

We all know the winner of the next election will be whoever wins over the every growing number of disgruntled independents and even though they may be against the war, as Hillary has said before in public, they may still be on the fence about Democrats being spineless or soft. I can understand why this is since most Democrats are spineless as woolly worms and not as cuddly.

What better way to position yourself as strong on defense than allowing your fellow Democrats to continuously paint you as supportive of the military and strong on defense?

Her pant suit may be flame retardant but her mind is sharp as a tack.

You must hand it to her, she is a MASTER politician.