Friday, December 14, 2007

Al Gore is the Kwisatz Haderach

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Frequent readers of TCD will know I have made a few references to Frank Herbert's Dune series - maybe some of the best science fiction ever written.

What I can't escape is the close allegories between Dune and the current political climate. It is fun to play at placing the characters around the story. Is Karl Rove part of the Spacing Guild or House Harkonnen - maybe a mentat? Rice has to be a Bene Gesserit. I shudder to think of the role of Barbara Bush in all of this.

Taking this game to the logical conclusion, Al Gore is the Madhi, the off-world prophet that will lead the Fremen and the world of Arrakis to a paradise of green and lush ecology. But there is a price and that price is a loss of spice that the Empire needs in great abundance to continue its reign of power.

That of course makes all of the Gore supporters, Fremen.