Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Neo-Con Virgin Birth and how John Edwards will save us all.

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Some things are just too horrible to contemplate. This is one of those things.

As with all Christmas family gatherings, sometime, somewhere, the conversation always turns to politics. It can't be helped.

This year, the conversation was not whether Bush was a good or bad President, or if the Iraq war was necessary, but the table chat was about which Democratic candidate would make the best President. That and just how much of a total fucking loon Huckabee is.

If my family's table chat is any indication, John Edwards is the choice of the people. Some were grudging supporters while some were fanatical John freaks, but in the end, Obama seemed to be the choice for VP and Hillary would remain the Senator from New York. Frankly, the only other thing everyone agreed on was their mutual distaste for Hillary Clinton as a President.