Thursday, January 17, 2008

Europe - The New Terror Front? What I said to the BBC.

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On occasion, I am a guest on the BBC program World Have Your Say and yesterday the topic was Michael Chertoff's statements about how Europe was the next platform for terrorists. Chertoff wants the EU to adopt America's Patriot Act and other civil right stripping laws and programs.

Suffice it to say, Europe is cheesed-off.

The question put to the guests was "Should Americans be afraid of Europe?"

My response was "no." I think, and most guests agreed, Europe isn't the problem, the Bush Administration is. Chances are I will go my entire life without ever meeting someone from Al Qaeda, however there is a big chance I will be confronted by someone from MS13 - a street gang primarily populated by Hispanics. During the last month in North Carolina there have been four murders by MS13 members for their ritualized initiations. Their modus operandi is to approach an random bystander and ask them for directions, then shoot them in the face.

MS13 is not the only criminal street gang operating in America - we still have the Crips, the Bloods, and the White Aryan Resistance.

Scholars have published study after study pointing to crime being an intersection of poverty and lack of education opportunity. You solve these two things with social programs, not with a War on Drugs or a War on Terror.

MS13, the KKK and Al Qaeda are all progenies of the same problem. However, that problem is not Europe.