Monday, February 11, 2008

John McCain Is Ready For His Gay Moment

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George W. Bush, in essence, chose his successor for the White House and it was John McCain.

Nauseating? You betcha.

But this is not the first incident of Bush/McCain love. After McCain capitulated to Bush in 2000, they held a joint press conference where John endorsed Bush. They didn't seem to be friends then, but they seem to have grown to like each other. They even had a "hug" moment that was caught on film. (link) I am sure you have seen that photo on the web before. The adoration from John to George is remarkable. BTW, where is John's other hand?

With all the hugging, groping and hero-worship that is going on between the two, the next thing you know, they will be caught kissing. We have been due for another Gay awakening/scandal/prostitution arrest coming from the GOP for some time and maybe it will be Bush and McCain.

I can't wait to order my McCain 08 ball gag!