Monday, February 25, 2008

Pakistan Bans YouTube

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From CNN:

Pakistan has become the latest country to block access to the video-sharing Web site YouTube on the grounds that one or more videos on the site offend Islam, authorities said Monday.

The Pakistani government is also asking YouTube to remove "objectionable content," said Nabiha Mehmood, a spokeswoman for the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority.

If YouTube removes the video or videos that concern Pakistan, she said, the government may once again let its people post and view video clips.

It is unclear what the video or videos in question depict, but a PTA official, who asked not to be identified, told the Associated Press that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocks Web sites that show controversial drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

How is it Bush thinks we are terrified of these people when the mere sight of pen and ink can bring their country to its knees? Or endless videos of cats sleeping in laundry baskets for that matter?

The power of free speech will always trump the power of a gun. You can kill a person, but you can't kill an idea. No matter what the Clinton Campaign wants you to think.