Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hillary needs to super-size her delegate count.

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Kos over at the big orange machine posted a diary with great links on Hillary and her superdelegate nightmare. Summing up the article, she is not gaining superdelegates, but losing them to Obama. In fact, she has started robo-calling Obama's delegates to try to harvest them.

That is how bad it is over in the Clinton camp - reduced to thievery.

Jack Cafferty posited a good question yesterday on The Situation Room - should the superdelegates step in early and endorse Obama to put an end to the divisive Hillary campaign? I have been asking that myself but even if they did, I do not think Hillary would stop. I really do believe she is on a path to destroy the party if she does not win. Her tactics is at the heart of why she has failed to win the netroots and grassroots - most people understand what fair is and they do not see fair play coming from the Hillary camp.

It is time for Hillary to go.