Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say Good-Bye to Red America

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Howard Dean was of course correct when he said America was really shades of maroon. His 50 State Strategy was specifically designed to nudged the maroon in all states a few shades closer to blue... and I believe that is working.

All across the spectrum we see this happening. The long string of losses for Republicans in special elections I think is a sign of things to come.

So things were looking up for the election, especially when a state like Iowa elects a Black man named Hussein to the Iowa Caucus. Earthquake. My friends, that was a tectonic shattering quake.

Then, as if we were all kissed on the mouth, the Libertarian Party up and elects Bob Barr as their Presidential nominee. Barr, if you remember, is the guy who tried to get soldiers practicing Wicca kicked out of the military among a plethora of wrong-headed nonsense. One of the LP delegation took the stage after the first ballot and schooled the crowd about what it says about them when they have someone like Barr as their top of the ticket, "what is wrong with us?"

After the sixth ballot, Barr won. Yes, I watched the whole thing on CSPAN - with absolute attention paid to the TV. For PoliGeeks like me, it doesn't get any better than this.

Barr will do nothing but help progressives in the 2008 general election. The Repubs that are not in love with McCain will have another place to punch their ballot and thank God for it.

Hell, I am going to put a Bob Barr ad on my website! Cause if this was a kiss in the mouth to progressives, baby, I am Frenching!

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TCD FANS: The San Francisco Chronicle is pondering the addition of new cartoons for their paper - a process that seems to be initiated by Darren Bell, creator of Candorville (one of my daily reads - highly recommended). You can read the Chronicle article here and please add your thoughts to the comments if you wish. If anything, put in a good word for Darren and Candorville.

I am submitting Town Called Dobson to the paper for their consideration. They seem to have given great weight to receiving 200 messages considering Candorville. I am asking TCD fans to try to surpass that amount. (I get more than that many hate mails a day, surely fans can do better?)

This is not a race between Darren and I, it is a hope that more progressive strips can be represented in the printed press of America.

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