Friday, June 6, 2008

31 Days to Total Financial Hell - Gas Up Now!

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A friend of mine manages a multi-million dollar fund and sometimes I think he is afraid to admit the truth to himself. Days like today wring him out like a dishrag. We have previously discussed what happens when days like today happen. What happens when you get two in a row? Three? Five? After five days, other feedback loops might kick in because that is a 2000 point loss in 5 days, other fears and factors are put in the mix which all put downward pressure on the market.

A clip from today's disaster:

Stocks tanked Friday, with the Dow industrials shedding 395 points, after oil prices spiked more than $11 a barrel and the May jobs report showed a big jump in the unemployment rate.

Bond prices surged, as investors sought safety in government debt, while the dollar tumbled versus the yen and euro.

The Dow Jones industrial average lost 395 points, or 3.1%, its biggest one-day decline on both a point and percentage basis since February of 2007, at the start of the subprime mortgage crisis.

My friend was unwilling to speculate when you are faced with more than a week of downturns. Other than "full economic collapse" you can't really project how bad it will be.

I see these guys on CNBC still reading rosy days ahead in their financial tea leaves so I did the math. With a drop like today's, you only need 31 in a row for the Dow to hit zero. With so much of the government in debt, I don't think a collapse will be a pretty picture.

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