Monday, July 14, 2008

Economic Flashbacks

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Phil Gramm must be high:

Many in the United States are concerned about the high prices of food and gasoline and the loss of almost a half million jobs. Senator McCain met with voters in parts of the Midwest. The region has been hit hard by the struggling economy.

"People are hurting,” McCain said. “People are hurting badly."

But one of McCain's top advisors, former Senator Phil Gramm, expressed a different point of view. "You've heard of mental depression? This is mental recession," Gramm said.

I wonder what recreational pharmaceuticals Phil Gramm is on? I have been high and I have been drunk, but never in my experience with mind altering substances, has the a bad economy magically turned wonderful. Maybe I am not drinking the right kind of bourbon? Maybe I need to up my vodka game? Maybe I need to go bath in the steamy pot pools of Humboldt County, California?

Dunno, but I think everyone knows Phil Gramm is either stoned, mentally disabled or a total liar. My money is on the latter.