Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paulson Sends Congress A Nigerian Email Scam

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At this point, most of you have read about the Paulson plan that does not give one dollar to the PEOPLE with the bad mortgages, yet it costs every American over $3000. Frankly I could put that three thousand to a lot better use than Paulson.

Since Paulson has yet to detail what he is going to spend that money on. My rule is, if the Bush Administration is keeping something a secret, it is bad news.

This administration has been unable to manage any single fund. Social Security, Katrina, and Iraq have all turned out to be clusterfucks. Why should this be any different? It isn't.

Keep in mind, the $700 billion is not a bailout, that is just the downpayment. It is a mortgage for the nation.

The only way we are going to be able to pay this off is to start selling off national parks.

As harsh as this may sound, but not all businesses deserve to be in business. I realize jobs are at stake, but jobs have been bleeding off for the past 8 years. If we pass this law, the end result will be even worse than the shot term pain if we just let these banks fail.