Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What does a bad economy look like to McCain?

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With the biggest market collapse since 9-11-01 and the worst economy since the Great Depression, what DOES a bad economy look like to John McCain? That is the answer I want from the Straight Talk Express.

If he thinks things are glorious today, what does suck look like? Is it when billionaires start losing massive equity or has to work two jobs? Or maybe it is when Carly Fiorina gets fired from two jobs? Just what exactly?

Maybe a bad economy is when John McCain has to sell off 5 of his 10 houses? Maybe it is when his wife, Cindy, has to start wearing outfits that cost less than Joe Biden’s net worth?

Ohhh… the suffering. And you know, after being a POW where Buddhism once flourished, you would have thought McCain would have learned something about suffering.