Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Walks While Fox Squawks

Not since 1977 has a newly inaugurated President walked Pennsylvania Avenue; Jimmy Carter was the last President to do so until yesterday. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama got out of their armored Cadillac limo to walk Pennsylvania Avenue in a 15 degree wind chill. The Obamas graciously waved and smiled at the thongs of citizens that gathered to get a glimpse of the world's most powerful couple.

While millions of people here and around the world were wishing President Obama well, a bottomless pitcher of haterade was being served up over at Fox News. I caught a somber looking Brit Hume praising the presidency of the outgoing 43rd and Glenn Beck nitpicking the 44th's pragmatic but eloquent inauguration speech. I see it's going to take some people a long time to get over the fact that Barack Obama is our president. Now is as good a time as any because it's going to be a long four years.

Hume, Beck and the rest of the haters over at Fox News and beyond, are content to wallow in their divisive, narrow minded politics. They are convinced they know better than the 9 million people who elected Barack Obama by overwhelming popular vote. As Americans, we all have a stake in Obama's success as well as failure, whether they want to acknowledge this or not.

At one of the most challenging economic times in American history, President Obama is going to need our support and prayers. Change has obviously come but some people still aren't ready for it.