Sunday, January 4, 2009

What is really going on in Gaza

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As we all have, I have been watching the IDF assault on Gaza over the last few days. And from what I can tell, it is exactly like shooting fish in a barrel.

I have often been critical of the IDF for their military exercises in the Gaza Strip. Does anyone remember Jenin? The likes of the Weekly Standard claims there was no massacre and that mostly combatants were killed. Well, the photos that are now available of the military attack on the refugee camp shows a different story - men and women laying dead over dead children, in the streets and in their homes. The photos revealed dozens of bodies being buried under the hospital parking lot. Of the hundreds of photos available, there is only one that was a Palestinian combatant. Was it a massacre? You tell me. But this wasn't the only time the IDF's response to terrorism was overreaching. There was a terrorist the IDF wanted killed, so they waited until he returned home and dropped a 2000 pound bomb on the whole apartment building. What was their answer for killing a single terrorist standing at a bus stop? Kill everyone else at the bus stop with a helicopter gunship.

There isn't ONE sniper in the whole of the Israeli Defense Force?

Lastly, I wished people would separate the Israel Knesset from Judaism - they are totally different things.

Yes, Hamas needs to stop the shelling. Yes, Bush hasn't done jack-shit for Middle Eastern peace and yes, Israel needs to rethink the Palestinian issue. It is an issue they will need to live with and they need to come up with a way where they can live with it. As it is, no one is living the life of peace.