Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When the Midwest Goes Gay...

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The whole change thing is becoming unsettling. First Iowa voted for a Black guy with the middle name Hussein to become President of these United States and now gay marriage is the law of the land in Iowa.

And Vermont...

I am stunned, slack-jawed and left scratching my head. Oh, and I am speechless.

Not a lot to say other than Iowa and Vermont have just sided on the side of equal rights and approved gay marriage. If Iowa can legalize gay marriage it should be no surprise that Vermont followed suit. Other states will follow and we will be left counting the states who DO NOT honor gay marriages as the oddity instead of the other way around.


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SmoothJazz said...

Equal rights is about as irrelevant to gay marriage as is letting men get maternity leave. Treating men and women as if they are identical in all situations is not equality, it's ideology. If not treating men and women as identical is inequality, then men should be allowed to get maternity leave if their wife gets pregnant. The fact that a man does not get pregnant is irrelevant. We must insist that men and women are identical, even when the facts show this to be false. We have to allow men and women in jail to be housed in the same units. We have to ignore the facts of the widespread sexual intercourse that would occur, because to not ignore facts would be to support "inequality."

We also have to start allowing men to get married to 15 year olds. If we don't, then we won't be recognizing equality. People should also have the right to get married to multiple partners as well as animals or inanimate objects. If you don't support that, then you don't support "equality."