Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joe Lieberman: Hypocrite Extraordinaire

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Joe Lieberman then:

HAVING SPENT much of the past year mired in legislative trench warfare over Iraq, advocates in Congress seeking a mandatory withdrawal of troops are now refusing to pass funding for our forces deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

For Congress to fail to provide the funds needed by our soldiers in the field is inexcusable under any circumstances -- but it is especially disappointing right now, coming at the very moment when Gen. David Petraeus and his troops are achieving the kind of progress in Iraq that few would have dared imagine possible just a few months ago. [emphasis added]

A very petulant Joe Liberman now:

Sens. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) lambasted transparency advocates at a press conference Tuesday, when they renewed their promise to bring Senate business to a halt until their bill blocking the release of detainee photographs becomes law.

"We're not going to do any more business in the Senate," Graham said, his face flushed red. "Nothing's going forward until we get this right."

The duo's bill, which would allow the Pentagon to exempt Bush-era photos from the Freedom of Information Act, was stripped from the conference version of the war supplemental Monday night. In anticipation of trouble, Lieberman and Graham had already inserted the bill into the tobacco-regulatory legislation currently on the floor of the Senate.

By turns sober and furious, the two senators vowed again Tuesday to vote against -- and, if possible, filibuster -- the troop-funding bill and all other legislation until they get their way. They equated the weapons supplied by the war supplemental spending bill with detainee photos that they said would serve as a recruiting tool for al-Qaida and a weapon against U.S. troops. [emphasis added]

So... who's playing politics with the troops?


opit said...

Politics makes strange bedfellows.
Question #1 Where is any money coming from ? The U.S. is mired in a Japan-style liquidity trap which has China saying it wants to move international trade away from relying on the dollar while Russia says it has no interest in purchasing further U.S. debt ( Given their past treatment the wonder is they bought any ! )
Question #2
Isn't this the same problem as was faced on Iraq ? If Congress refuses funding for foreign aggression that should mean...it might not happen ! OMG the horror !
I know, of course, lack of funding for superbases in Iraq did not halt their construction.
Still, relying on Joe Liebermann to implement what many called the obvious voters' mandate to stop foreign wars at a time when there's none for the necessities of life back in the U.S.A. - state and municipal budgets being a joke - doesn't seem like such a problem: except it won't happen to a fellow skilled at playing both ends against the middle.
I still think people are being distracted from problems threatening their own survival by constant circus politic.
Take a look at what happened in el Salvador effective May 1....and why doesn't anyone wake up and smell the bacon...except Kunstler?
California's budget is only one of a country full needing recognition. Bank bailouts stole the money for intervention.