Friday, April 20, 2007

Take back the Knut

The things I miss when I'm at work during the day. Demetrius posted this story in the comments to this thread at Howard-Empowered People yesterday

Berlin's polar bear cub Knut receives death threat
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's celebrity polar bear cub Knut has received an anonymous death threat, causing alarm at Berlin Zoo on Thursday and prompting heightened security.

Top-selling Bild newspaper said the zoo had received a hand-written fax from a suspected animal hater with the words: "Knut is dead! Thursday midday." which Markos replied "If you're going to be an adorable baby bear in a zoo you should expect this kind of thing. Knut should just toughen up..." ;)

That's a funny guy I married. And he was a sweetie to design this logo for the upcoming blogswarm.