Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Spurs lead the Cavs, 3-0.


Who cares?

I know David Stern ain't loving this series. Adding insult to injury, ABC is broadcasting the games too damn late, so the sponsors of this Wax Museum in Sneakers should be No-Doz and Starbucks. In spite of King James and The Big Fundamental strutting their mojo, my adrenaline is simmering at a low boil. O.K., maybe the Cavaliers (a.k.a. LeBron and his Not Ready For Prime Time Players) can steal one game, but it's only postponing the inevitable. LeBron James is learning what Michael Jordan learned years ago: I can't do it by myself. At least Michael had Scottie Pippin. Lebron doesn't even have Paul Pierce.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the hardwood, the Spurs look at the Cavs and think, "Lunch!"

Still, because anything is possible in sports, maybe, just maybe, there's a million-to-one chance...

Nyaaah. Are you kidding me?

Will the iceberg beat the Titanic? Will Godzilla beat Tokyo? Spurs in four.