Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris, When It Fizzles


Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

It's disgusting. No, not Paris Hilton. I'm almost feeling sorry for the besieged bony big-bucks blond bimbo, in spite of myself.

At worst, the spoiled-rotten, hard-partying Ms. Hilton is a boring irritant who can't plummet from the pop culture radar fast enough to suit me. But what I find disgusting is the obsessive Paris Hilton media frenzy that's hijacked TV, newspapers, magazines, and the blogsphere. For the past few weeks, Paris Hilton has found herself in an angry world full of impatient hands that can't wait to cast the first stone, and it needs to stop.

Paris Hilton isn't Public Enemy Number #1. Oh sure, Paris is rich, but this smirking, immature child isn't a part of the moneyed juggernaut that squeezes the lives of poor and middle-income people into ashes, if only because she's too damn lazy. Why should I be pissed off at Paris Hilton? She's not outsourcing jobs, or eliminating medical benefits. Paris goes to parties, gets drunk, and performs in hazy, dimly-lit pornographic videos that "accidently" wind up on the internet. However, it wasn't the silver-spooned heiress who, for example, ripped off the life savings of the loyal employees who worked for Enron, was it? It was the late Ken Lay, and the old dead crook didn't get a fraction of the media attention that Paris does on a daily basis.

Please, folks, let's have some perspective. I think it's important to know who our real enemies are, and not waste our time, energy, and oxygen on the wrong targets. Hopefully, the rabid talking heads of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and other news media outlets will get the memo.