Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Did you see the new John Edwards video yet? It solidly puts a stake in the heart of the infamous Four Hundred Dollar Haircut crap.

So, not only can John Edwards take a punch, he's not afraid to punch back. Good.

I think Edwards learned hard lessons from the doomed Kerry/Edwards experiment, and he won't make the same mistakes twice. Although Edwards was obviously more intelligent, charismatic, and better-prepared than his running mate, he selflessly and purposely sublimated himself so Kerry could take center stage. And Kerry blew it by choosing to become a punching bag. Kerry allowed a bunch of chickenhawks to sully his service in the Vietnam war. Turning the other cheek may be a good idea in theory, but in politics all it gets you is your teeth knocked out and your pants pulled down around your ankles.

Not Edwards. Not anymore. Hey. You talkin' to me?

Now that he's not burdened by the dull albatross of a narcoleptic Kerry around his neck this time, Edwards can go back to being the vicious junkyard dog of a lawyer that won big settlements for his clients. Don't be fooled: behind the plastic helmet of hair and choir boy smile, Edwards is a tough son of a bitch who knows how to fight back.

Are we being hustled by Edwards? Too much Matlock and not enough Darrow? Probably. Who cares? Any politician that doesn't know how better find a new job, and Edwards is very, very good, and I believe the American public is finally ready to listen to his populist message. His "Two Americas" speech has won the hearts and minds of working class heroes stuck in the unemployment line or Wal-Mart. He's not an empty suit like Romney, or a bored ex-actor like what's-his-name. And, the last I looked, Edwards hasn't worn any of Giuliani's old gowns. Anyway, to paraphrase that famous quote about Stalin: "Maybe he's a bastard, but he's our bastard."

John Edwards can take a punch and he's not afraid to punch back. I think Edwards would pick up a brick if he had to. Can his Republican opponents deal with a pissed-off candidate who's willing to fight? I don't think so.

A tip of the beret to Whig at Cannablog.