Wednesday, July 25, 2007

wherein skippy randomly apologizes for what he's said about kos

cross-posted at skippy and a veritable cornucopia of other community blogs.

due to the wonderful nature of randomocity in the universe, the daily kos random blog roll of 10 user blogroll links (changed daily) has listed skippy the bush kangaroo for four days in a row.

since a lot of our disagreement with markos is based on being unceremoniously dumped from his blogroll, we feel that we must now make some amends.

ergo, we will randomly apologize for 4 random things we said about kos.

we have counted approximately 30 posts about kos which we have written about kos since being dumped off his roll (the number of which brings to mind the shakespearean quote about some lady protesting too much somewhere).

we then generated 4 random numbers with this random number generator. those numbers are:

28 4 26 13
so we will apologize for those posts. specifically

#28: it takes a big booman to do a big job

booman graciously took it upon himself to add all the blogs to booman's roll which markos and duncan dumped from their rolls. but we must apologize. we said it took a big booman to do a big job. if any of you have met booman in person, you know that he's not particularly big (not that he's short, he's just right). we regret having said he was big. he is not. he's medium. our apologies.

#4: killing two bugaboos w/one blog

we are sorry we agreed with steven d at booman who said he was often at cross purposes with markos. but we we sincerely apologize. we don't agree with steven d. he is never at cross purposes with markos, and if he says he is, he is a damnable liar.

#26: three questions of the day

man, this one is way beyond us. mimus pauly, our co-blogger, wrote on this post, en toto:

duncan who? markos who? jesus what?
we don't even know what the hell mimus was talking about. and you can bet, ladies and gentlemen, for that, we apologize.

finally, #13: dear markos: it gives us no pleasure to say "we told you so"

this one is almost a no-brainer. we got 7 kinds of sh*t from most people about this post wherein we chastized markos for dismissing cyber-stalking against kathy sierra, when not 3 days later, the virginia tech massacre took place. at the time, we seemed to think there was a cautionary moral lesson involved, something along the lines of "don't dismiss stalking as violence against women, because it could snowball into real violence."

upon reflection, we realize that it was an argument so weak that liberace could kick sand in its face. we truly regret having made such a facetious connection, tho we stand behind the primary premise that cyber-violence against women should not be dismissed.

we hope this sets a random amount of the record straight. we randomly want markos to not feel bad for a random amount of things that may or may not have randomly occurred.

we randomly regret a random amount of those errors.

[ed. note: and to a lesser extent, duncan.]