Saturday, August 4, 2007

Howard Dean's YKos Keynote, Part 3

Howard Dean: Now, the Republicans are making a "good faith effort" to convince the Americans that this is a do-nothing Congress, that we haven't done anything. First of all, they're filibustering everything we can do. If we get it by the filibuster, then the president threatens to veto it, or he does veto it. So, let me tell you what we've done in spite of the president. In the last six months we have accomplished more than they did in six years: increasing the minimum wage, make college more affordable, healthcare for kids is going to pass, and if the president vetos it, the Republicans are going to have to atone for that on election day. Passing the 9-11 recommendations to make our communities safer--they talk about being strong, we actually do it--passing real ethics reform. The United States Senate is going to pass it today--let's see if the president will sign that. Passing a balanced budget requirement with pay-go requirements so there will be no tax cuts or new programs without saying how we're going to pay for them. We'll put an end to the notion that we're going to borrow money from our grandchildren in order to pay for what we want today. I think that's a pretty good accomplishment for six months. (Applause.)

Now, on the matter that's at the front of most of your minds--Iraq. The fact is, we started out with 49 votes in the Senate on Iraq, because Joe Lieberman doesn't vote with us on Iraq (booing) and Tim Johnson is out sick. So, 49 votes. I know how tough this is going to be, but we need to make it clear to the American people who it is that's obstructing their will on Iraq. (Applause.) It was the Republicans that kept us up all night because they wouldn't let us pass a bill a few weeks ago. And we're going to keep voting on Iraq, and voting and voting and voting and voting again. And if George Bush wants to veto the will of the American people, and if the Republicans want to obstruct what the American people want, then we'll give Susan Collins an opportunity to vote on that. We'll give John Sununu an opportunity to vote on that again. We'll give Norm Coleman and Gordon Smith an opportunity to vote again and again and again until our troops come home from Iraq! (Applause and cheers.)

It is not an accident that every single one of the Democrats running for president of the United States has a plan and has clearly said that they will get our troops home with a reasonable timetable. It is not an accident that every single one of the Republican candidates, with the exception of the Libertarian, want our troops to stay in Iraq as long as George Bush does. It is not an accident that every single Republican thought it was a great idear to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby and every single Democrat did not think that was a great idear. We are committed to ending the Republican culture of corruption that they brought to Washington, and we are committed to ending the culture of corruption in the United States Department of Justice, which fired Republican lawyers for trying to prosecute Republican congressmen. We will do better than that! (Applause and cheers.)

Our men and women in uniform have bravely done their duty. We need to support our troops and bring them home! And the American people are with us.


Anonymous said...

Tell me again why we didn't elect this guy President?

Oh yeah, that's right.

He yells.

That's much worse than sitting in a classroom for seven minutes like Forrest Gump and doing nothing while airplanes are flying into buildings, I guess.

People really do get the government they deserve.

Eric Dondero said...

Firstly, can you imagine if there was a Republican Senator who was "out sick" for over a year with an incurable health problem? There'd be cries from all corners that he should resign. Tim Johnson should resign his seat.

Secondly, we're winning in Iraq. And it's a stunning victory. Did you all not read the NY Times piece from a few days ago by those two ultra-Liberal Brookings Institution guys, "A War we are Winning"? These previous War critics recently spent 8 days in Iraq, and were shocked at the turnaround. (Actually, some of us believe that it has been going well for a while now. It's just the Liberal media/anti-Bush biased media, only talks about the bad stuff.)

The line, "We're losing in Iraq," is old and tired. Truth is, we're winning bigtime. 3,500 War dead in 3 to 4 years, is a shockingly small number in comparison to WWII, over 500,000 US dead, and a single day in the Civil War (Antietam), when over 20,000 were killed.

This is a very small price to pay for freedom and democracy in the Middle East, and an end to Saddam Hussein's murderous rampages against his own people.

Eric Dondero - US Military Veteran