Friday, February 8, 2008

God Picks McCain

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I must admit I was a tad surprised that Mitt Romney pulled out of the race. I at least expected him to go another week before wimping out. All of those millions gone and for what? A bronze medal?

I overheard someone say "America is ready for a Black President, but not a Mormon one." I think the correct statement should be "America is ready for a President, not another corporate fascist."

Yes, oh Lordy, I know Mitt saved the winter Olympics. So what? The Olympic Committee was not waging a global, multi-trillion dollar war - they were just trying to get stoned snowboarders to the venue on time. The ability to pull off event management is one thing, but being able to convince the American people that you have Reagan DNA is another matter.

Thank goodness God only made ONE Ronald Reagan - we don't need another.


wanda said...

While I like both canidates. At the last minute I voted for Hillary for many reason. I am a african american over 44 year old female. However, I don't agree with the idea of a brokered convention, but what has been all fair about this race thus far. Obama gets a free positive ride on the press which offers the opportunity to sway voters in his favor. He get to say many things that go un-contested simply due to many people in the media's dislike for the Sen. Clinton & Bill. Yet, when something does not go his way he wants to complain. It's unfair that he gets to say things like his praise for the republican party under Ronald when so many democrats opposed those times & policies. When confront at the debate, he simply relied with, " I didn't say they were good ideas". As if we believed that when you make comments in a positive light such as he did, you don't mean them to be seen as all good. With all that Clinton did for the party and disadvantaged democrats, he could at that time of the recorded interview, may mention of something that Pres. Clinton did to be positive. Pres. Clinton had very right to be affended.

I also believe he gave Hillary the stub and tried to make up for it by being super nice at the debates. By Obama's own admission at the last debate, he admitted that, he won't always be right on every issue, yet he insist the Sen. Clinton can't make a mistake by first voting for the war. I don't buy that he is a hero for standing against the war in 2002. Most of us can say what we would do on many accounts. But if you are given the scenario many were that do we know that his vote would still have been no. W do not that after that vote, he has been voting the same as Sen. Clinton.