Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Liberal John McCain and other Limbaugh Fantasies

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I know a lot of you avoid Rush Limbaugh like a case of burning genital itching, but there have been odd things coming out of the tarnished EIB microphone of late. Limbaugh, Hannity and the clean, Disneyesque Michael Savage have all been on a rampage to discredit John McCain and talk Republicans out of voting for him.

"Romney is the true conservative" they cry.

"John McCain is more liberal than Hillary Clinton" they wail.

By the looks of it, their gnashing of teething didn't help Romney on Super Tuesday. The only person Romney is ahead of is Ron Paul.

You got to give props to McCain for his tenacity. The man went from the GOP darling to broke because of his stance on immigration - almost overnight. Most of his staff was laid off - some joked he didn't have enough money to fill the gas tanks of the Straight Talk Express. But he hung in there - took on step at a time, climbed over the carcases of Fred Thompson and others to emerge as the front runner last night. Super Tuesday was super to John McCain. I also think the moderate GOPers feel betrayed by Bush and now know how ruthless Bush was to McCain in 2000 - there may be some payback.

What really shocks me however is the absolute lack of performance for the talk radio idiots to move Romney up. Could it be after years of lying to the public, the Right Wing woke up and figured out they were being lied to?


When the likes of Ann Coulter endorses her arch-enemy, Hillary Clinton, you know the shit has hit the fan.

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