Friday, March 14, 2008

The election is black and white

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I have been reading some stuff on John Adams of late - always been a fan of his, especially his work on the Treaty of Tripoli. After a spot of reading I switched on the news last night and it was then I saw just how apparent the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is a black and white issue. I am not talking about skin color here, I am talking about their ability to communicate what the American spirit is. Their ideas, their goals for all of us.

Hillary's remarks over the years have been very me specific whereas Barack's message is about us, you know, We The People.

I am not saying "yes we can" rises to the level of "We The People" in cultural significance, but I do believe John Adams was a "we" kind of guy. I think he would have resonated with "hope" in all of its audaciousness as it took a bucket of hope to build the American experiment.

I wonder if Hillary has hope?


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