Thursday, March 13, 2008

Racist Mississippi

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To me, this is not rocket science.

Over the last 48 hours, I have seen on television and on the blogosphere the notion that Blacks are racist because they are turning out in droves (one drove apparently equals 90% of the demographic) for Barack Obama. I am admittedly confounded by this. The explanation seems so simple, so obvious that the question does not even need to be addressed. Apparently it does.

The issue of why Blacks vote in droves for Obama may have roots in Black pride, but there was great affection for the Clintons in the Black community - note the use of the past tense. That was before Hillary's atrocious behavior in Selma last year. The use of a mocking fake slave accent during the recital of Cleveland's poetry was horrific and it was the final insult as Hillary crashed the festivities that Obama was invited to headline. Hillary wasn't.

Then after Obama and Edwards mopped the floor with Hillary in Iowa (Edwards being the token white guy), the overt race-baiting began. The tears of being beaten by a Black man helped her win New Hampshire. "Weep for me, they are so unfair."

Fairy tales and Farrakhan - that became the Clintonian strategy.

The last straw came with the 3am commercial and the rhetoric claiming Obama is not fit to be Commander in Chief. The Clintons have pissed all over Black America to the point that they are no longer seen as being affectionate to the cause of Black America. This was before Geraldine Ferraro opened her mouth.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there is no redeeming the Clinton campaign in the eyes of the Black community. To them, there is only one viable candidate left and it should not be rocket science to figure out why Blacks vote for Obama. It is his policies, his vision that garners him support - and his ability not to insult Blacks at every turn.

Barack Obama is a candidate who does bring all races together. That is the true dream of Dr. King. Hillary Clinton is the nightmare.