Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charlie Gibson's Debate: 4 Cartoons

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I watched last night's "debate" with horror. As you probably know by now, nearly the entire first hour was taken up by bullshit questions about lapel pins, bitterness, Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers nonsense. But they did manage to carve out a minute from their televised circus to discuss gas prices for sixty seconds. I would have rather listened to a real discussion on the horrible treatment of vets, the economic crisis, China's human rights record, trade deals, h1B visas, renewable energy, the tap on my phone, the plummeting dollar and a solution to health care just to name a few.

Anyway, I didn't know which strip to choose, so I am publishing them all. You get to decide which is best.


Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

Don Imus is at it Again
This time, Imus uses expletives to describe Barack Obama on his radio show, words that we don't use on this website.

Imus wanted attention, and now he's got it. It's time we ended this nonsense and ignorant discourse in what should be a great time in our nation's politics.

I am calling on my political blogger nation (and we are deep, believe me) to put an end to Don Imus' career, once and for all. The nationwide political blogger groups should be called into action.

The full post can be found on my blog, with links to the video.

Michael Davis

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