Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How much taxation is too much?

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I keep hearing the GOP and their hand-wringers waxing poetic about tax cuts. One of Rush Limbaugh's fav tricks is asking alleged liberals about tax increases. "If 5% is good why not 10% or 20%?" What if you were to reverse Limbaugh's rhetoric - if a 28% tax rate is good, why not 20% or 10%> How about 0%?!

Both arguments are idiotic because it cost money to run a nation. It takes a whole bunch of money to run a superpower. I have started asking GOPers if they are willing to dump America's superpower status for lower taxes? Are they willing to dump 95% of military spending? Are they willing to dump publicly funded schools and colleges, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? How about halting all new road and rail construction? Nope. They have a fantasy about how you can cut taxes to nothing and somehow your bills get paid.

There are other obstacles to lower taxes and that is the military industrial complex. They have their hand so far up Government's ass that our elected officials can't seem to lower our defense spending. But with all problems, there are solutions. The first being taking civil rights away from companies and outright banning lobbyists. If the courage for that is missing, work with MIC and change military spending to something that pushes humanity forward, spurs job growth and keeps the military industrial complex happy with contracts. One idea is to swap our defense spending with things like green energy development, space exploration, etc. These large scale projects require large sums of cash, but help people in other ways - ways that invading Iraq does not.

It is not a total solution to our governmental spending problems and taxation, but it is one small part.

Frankly, I would rather go to Mars than Iran - and Mars would be a whole lot cheaper.

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