Friday, September 12, 2008

Black Republicans are getting very little respect from black folks or white folks

It don't make a difference how many billboards the paper tiger National Black Republican Association erects saying MLK was a Republican. Black Republicans are getting very little respect from black folks or white folks. There are many reasons why. Including the Republican National Party acting like the White Citizens Council towards black participation, even at the latest 2008 Republican convention. Here are just 10 of the most current ways black Republicans don't get respect from blacks or whites.

1. Among the party's 2,380 delegates gathered in St. Paul in 2008 only 36 were African Americans and very few other visible minorities were to be found on the convention floor. We see how the Republicans treat you.

2. That number marks a 78 percent decline from 2004, the lowest representation in 40 years and a huge deficit when compared to the 1,079 delegates at last week's Democratic National Convention. You get no respect.

3. The Maryland delegation, a state whose population is 29 percent black, did not have any other African American in attendance at the Republican National convention (except Micheal Steele). Ouc, that stat speaks for itself.

4. For the past six years there has not been a single black Republican governor, senator or representative in the US Congress. Getting the point yet?

5. Only one African American was given the opportunity to address the convention during prime time -- former Maryland governor Michael Steele. Black folks have no real voice in the National party.

6. The three states that track voting registration by party and race show Black Republican registration dropping slightly: Florida has lost 784 Black Republicans; Louisiana’s Black Republicans dropped by 907; and North Carolina has 2,850 fewer Black Republicans. More HERE No one is feelin the republicans, except for a few silly black folks.

7. Tavis Smiley moderated a Republican presidential forum at Morgan Sate University in Maryland, where candidates for the first time answered questions from “a panel exclusively comprised of journalists of color.” Controversy is surrounding the event, however, as the four Republican frontrunners — Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Sen. John McCain — opted to ditch the debate. Empty lecterns stood on the stage in their place. Republicans ignore Black People.

8. Blacks should listen to another Black Republican Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, one of the most prominent African-Americans in the GOP, who called the above PBS debate “an important opportunity for” candidates “to put up or shut up, when it to comes to minority communities in the country.” John Mccain, the leader of the Republican party was a no show.

9. As Smiley said, the refusal of the Republican frontrunners to appear at the All-American Presidential Forum is “serving up some disrespect to black and brown Americans,” whether they be Republicans, Democrats or Independents. AAPP: The Republican party don't like black people.

10. Blacks joining the Republican Party is a an oxymoron. its like Jews joining the Nazi Party.

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