Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain - An Achievement You Can Believe In

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The last 4 days have left many of us bewildered and sleep deprived. "It is 3am and I can't go to bed now, there may be ANOTHER Palin story that breaks!" But somehow we managed to get some sleep.

But after astonishment after astonishment, we continue to shake our head in disbelief and in many cases, utter shock!

Some in the punditry have mentioned that "liberals' never saw the Palin pick coming. That is true, I never did. Why? Well, mainly because, I didn't think McCain could be that damn stupid. I gave him a lot more credit than I should have. I thought he would pick someone that would help him compete in the election, to SUPPORT his ticket.

But there is one meme that has disappeared from the pundit-o-sphere - disunited Democrats. I am unsure if that is what McCain would have wanted to happen, but somehow, McCain picked the only candidate he could have to unite Democrats in a way that Obama and Clinton could never have done.