Thursday, September 4, 2008

Worse Than Stupid

Sarah Palin is stupid.

O.K., I know it's a controversial accusation, and I'll probably be categorized as a bone-headed sexist idiot for putting it in print, but I don't think I'm wrong. No matter how hard the right-wing gasbags try to cook the books, the evidence against John McCain's choice as his VP is just too overwhelming. Troopergate. The loyal Gal Friday for Ted ("The Bridge To Nowhere") Stevens. Using her daughter Bristol as a stage prop. Palin is White Male Privilage grip-wrapped in a skirt.

And Palin's ideology is the usual Republican bullshit: Darwin was a fraud. Happiness is a warm AK-47. Ignore those floating icebergs. There's too damned many polar bears. Who cares if Uncle George raped you, you're gonna have that baby anyway. Drill, baby, drill. Not exactly an independent thinker, huh? Palin and McCain will get along just fine. I'm sorry, but anyone who buys into this hateful, superstitious nonsense is stupid and anyone trying to define Palin as a progressive symbol for women's liberation is like calling Jack The Ripper a feminist. It's one small step for Palin and one giant step backwards for every man and woman in the United States if her and McCain win.

It's worse than stupid. It's crazy.