Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin's Final Solution For Witches

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I think Sarah Palin's stance on feminism hearkens back to the Dark Ages. After watching way too many of her pastor's video tapes, and those that Palin appeared in herself, it is a theology that maintains female subservience to a male. In this case, it is "Jesus." All actions and ideas must be seen though the lens Christian Evangelical Fundamentalism where straying from the path and making decisions on your own without the benefit of celestial guidance, is frowned upon at best, Malleus Maleficarum at worst.

It seems that the culture she lives in has no room for the philosophy of a "managed uterus." If you get pregnant, tough shit, you carry the child of your lover. If you are raped, tough shit, you will carry the child of your rapist. As a special little gift to those rape victims, under Palin, the victim is charged for the forensics rape evidence collection kit and we can't even get her to give an opinion on emergency contraception.

Which brings us to witches. Throughout history, when women have exerted their power and influence, the male dominated society beat them down, tortured them, burned them alive and last but not least, outright murder. Being a witch, and by expansion here I include Wicca or any form of Goddess worship, it is the biggest slap in the face to Christian Fundamentalism, truly going against God.

The women, and like-minded men, who believe in equality for women are an enemy that must be dealt with - a group where murder in the middle of the night by mobs of thugs is preferable. A quick Google Search for Witchcraft and Africa yielded a story today of Eleven dead in Congo football riot after use of 'witchcraft.'

But this is not news, we have known for a long time that Palin and her ilk are hypocrites.