Thursday, October 2, 2008

RedStater diet now includes Prozac

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I always find it refreshing to read what the wingnuts are thinking. I haven't visited in some time and I was shocked to see how beaten down they feel. I guess denial does have its limits. Some of them, however, seem to have left reality altogether.

The Democrats never think this way, and they never pay in the long run for it. They never take their medicine, they never lose to win, they never rebuild. They just cry a little, then get back to winning.

They never give us a day's rest. Let's not give up or even let up for a second, so that we don't give them a day's rest.

How Will We Treat President Obama?

Call him an imbecile and a liar and blame him for everything that goes wrong in the world? Just like the Dems treated George W. Bush?

I, for one, hope we do. I will never acknowledge the America hating Obama as my president. It is his party and his ilk that are in the process of destroying a great economy and a great country.

I think the failure of the Bush presidency is because of his inability to fight back in a hyperpartisan world. Republicans always seem to bring a knife to a bazooka fight. I knew McCain was going to be the wrong man at the wrong time. All his "Can't we all just get along?" and "I know how to work across party lines" rhetoric is not what was needed at this time. He needed to portray Obama as evil incarnate and I knew he didn't have the stomach for it.

It's the start of the third, they've just run one back for a TD and the head coach (McCain) is still in the locker room mumbling pointless crap about earmarks and bipartisanship.
Today, he is asked about the bias of the moderator and what does he say? Mindless empty crap about how he is "sure" she'll be professional and unbiased.
You are not going to win this by being nice, you are not going to win this by playing fair, you are not going to win this calling the same plays that worked in the first quarter...

McCain either can lose and cuddle with his old pals at the New York Times, or win and lead a nation in crisis.

The next quote really magnifies why Obama will win. Their ideology of "win at any cost" is wholly anti-American.

I'm... not going to sugar coat what we are up against. And in situations where standing up for our principles is going to cost us the election, I'm going to say so.

Don't get me wrong, I don't disrespect principled stands, but I do disrespect principled stands made out of stubbornness without regard for consequences.

If anyone wants to give up, please remind them that the Supreme Court is only one judge away from dismantling the Constitution. (5-4) An Obama presidency would likely make that 7-2 against the Constitution. If that doesn't scare them, take their temperature.

Obamabots have invaded my neighborhood and my next door neighbor is proudly brandishing an Obama/Biden sign. I admire McCain for wanting to stick to the issues while Obama is running against George W. Bush, but he needs to fight back.

If only.....

We know Ifil is a partisan stooge; she will show Sarah no respect. Sarah should thus be completely unrestrained. I want to see some of that "Sarah Barracuda"!

A tru WTF moment...

You've got to realistic. We're staring down a huge tidal wave this year, one that's been engineered since the 60's. And I believe we have the wrong candidate to repel this wave.

Even with the MSM in the tank for the Obamarxist, there is simply no way that a person of his community organizing ilk, lack of experience and unashamed Marxist views should ever be a nominee of a major party. Unless McCain and some coordinated 527s are planning a media blitz the last 4 weeks of the campaign that goes relentlessly negative and truthful and personal towards Obama, there seems like there is simply no way to win this thing.

The media is explaining the whole financial crisis as capitalism run amok, and McCain is letting them!!!! We keep hearing from the Dems that this is what happens when you don't regulate things and everyone is letting the argument stand.