Saturday, March 31, 2007

About the "Vote Different" ad guy

This isn't something I can really get into researching and writing about, but I thought it was worth passing along some links for anyone who might be interested in reading some of the background stuff.

At Crooks and Liars, there's a post entitled “ParkRidge47″ Comes Out

Something about this story--I don't know--rubs me the wrong way. All I do know is that Phil DeVellis is not exactly loved by Ohio bloggers. For anyone who's interested in what some of them have been saying, here are some links:

From Plunderbund:

Phil de Vellis’ “Career Trajectory”


Da Blogfatha is here to save the day! Does Jerome actually speak for all of MyDD by giving “Our statement…”? Neat. I seem to remember Phil pissing off the entire lefty blogosphere in Ohio with his crap. But “Phil’s a big reason why Sherrod Brown kicked ass in Ohio in 2006″ does sound better. I hear there is to be some training by the blogpac peeps coming soon. I, for one, CANNOT WAIT!

Vote Different Message: Tighten Up Bitches! (Video)
Phil’s Other Shoe - Why It Matters

From Buckeye State Blog:
Continuing our Conversation: De Vellis' Deception & BSD
Kos and De Vellis
De Vellis: Swell Guy?

I'm sure there's more, but I think I need an Ohio blogger who has followed this more closely than I have to write up a "for dummies" style synopsis for the rest of us.


Catreona said...

Renee, just to let you know, my computer seems to have gone haywire and I can't coment at HEP.

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Renee in Ohio said...

Bummer about the commenting trouble, Cat. Will let people know they don't need to call Sheriff Chuck.