Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cancer is purple.

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This past week has been heavy on cancer news. It has been like the long sequence of Presidential candidacy announcements, but is sadly not. Cancer is not something you elect to get.

First there was the Couric spasm insinuating some dark political motive for John Edwards staying in the race when Elizabeth just got diagnosed with a reoccurrence of cancer. Then BAM, Tony Snow announces the return of his cancer just a short time later. Then yesterday, this diary titled, I Don't Care About Tony Snow appeared on the big orange machine known as Daily Kos and along with over 1500 comments yelling about it.

Folks, here in America, we have politicized damn near everything under the sun. Stem cells, equal rights, hell, food is now a partisan issue! Does cancer have to be one also?

Is it so bad for all of us to recognize cancer as being horrible and we should fight so no one ever has it? Even those who disagree with us politically?

As global warming is really a moral issue, cancer is a health issue and it effects us all equally.

Well, if you smoke, you are less equal than others.

But that is a partisan issue.


Anonymous said...

Good post, Storm.


Still, even though I agree with you on a spiritual level, the Monsters of The Id lurking in my frontal lobes are screaming, "Screw You, Tony!" No, I'm not proud of it, but I can't feel much sympathy for Mr. Snow.

Maybe to the rest of his rich white Republican friends Tony Snow was a good guy, but he hated the rest of America, and he always let us know it. As a newspaper columnist, a talking head on Fox, or press secretary for the President, he was always a smug, narrow-minded bigot. And he liked it.

I'm not enough of a bastard to wish him dead, only because of his wife and children. Nobody deserves to be a widow. Nobody deserves to be a orphan.

But say a prayer for him?

I can't.