Monday, March 26, 2007

Fighting the Insurgents Here

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Bush is between a rock and a hard place, actually he is between Iraq and the Constitution.

I know the situation with the war is very serious but I can’t help but laugh as Bush lashes out at Congress for practicing oversight and following their Constitutional duties. Just like a petulant bully, Bush now is learning that he can’t get everything his way and he is even more frustrated by the general sentiment of the public not supporting him.

Bush is also showing his general strategy for everything - get a bigger hammer. His way or the highway is all he knows. He shows the same unwillingness to talk with Congress as he did with Saddam before the war, with the UN (pick any day), North Korea and Iran. If you can bare to watch a Bush press conference, you know how hard it is to watch him talk - stuttering, stammering and repeating himself. Maybe that is why his only tool is war.

Tantrums and bullets is all he knows. Death and deficits is all we get.