Thursday, March 8, 2007

skippy sends a fax to sen. reid

skippy sent a fax this morning to sen. reid's office:

i write to express my extreme displeasure at the news that the nevada democratic party has deemed it acceptable for fox news channel to broadcast the reno debate in august.

especially in light of how you, sen. reid, called for president bush to pledge to not pardon scooter libby while at the same time fox news was promoting the false information that there was not even a crime committed, i would think that it was obvious that fox news is not a neutral platform to get the democratic agenda out to the voting constituents.

as the decision was made without the input of several prominent nevada democratic leaders and was made behind closed doors without the input of the executive board of nevada democrats (let alone any other state executive board), i further find it to be a complete reversal of stated democratic values.

i personally applaud sen. john edwards’ pledge to avoid the fox news debate. i sincerely hope that other democratic candidates follow suit, and i urge you to reconsider your position.

to show you how displeased i am, i am going to send back to you the team harry tee shirt i got when i heard you speak at yearly kos last year. you disappoint me greatly, senator. i was hoping for a majority leader who actually worked for the party, not for special interests and back room deals.
if you're interested, reid's office fax number is 202-224-7327 and the phone number is 202-224-3542.

addendum: over at mydd, several commenters suggest we contribute to edwards' campaign and send them an email thanking them and explaining our contribution. also, if any other candidates withdraw, do the same for them.

it is our suggestion that all contributions end with .08 cents, to signify it came from the netroots for this cause.