Monday, March 5, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Grrr! Yesterday I thought I'd found a good solution for including posters who would prefer to stick with Blogger/Blogspot. Because Wordpress allow you to import posts from other blogs, I figured that I could have those people sign up as contributors on a mirror site I set up on Blogspot, and then I could simply import those posts so that they would display here as well. I have used this feature a number of times, so I had every reason to believe it would work this time as well.

Sigh. The best laid plans of mice...

It is *not* working. Here's what I've gotten the first half dozen or so times I've tried to import posts from the new Blogspot version of this site.

Trouble signing in
We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.

No idea why that is, or if it's a temporary issue, or something related to the switch to the new Blogger. Will try again tomorrow, though.