Sunday, April 22, 2007


Susan Werner is an über-talented artist who plays guitar and piano and sings beautifully, skillfully navigates the genres of jazz and folk, and writes real songs about real stuff that adults living in the real world care about, but it doesn’t feel like math homework or the leftover Brussel sprouts your mom makes you eat. Performing in the margins outside the vapid pop music landscape, this singer/songwriter from the Midwest is deep without being pretentious. Werner is funny, smart, passionate, and very, very sexy.

She’s good on CD (Last of the Good Straight Girls, Time Between Trains, I Can't Be New, Live at the Tin Angel, New Non-Fiction, Midwestern Saturday Night), and better in concert. Such a deal.

After the recent obscene decision from the Supreme Court, this song from Werner’s new CD, The Gospel Truth, seemed chillingly appropriate.