Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rush The Flaccid Dope Fiend

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I must admit I was shocked that yesterday's strip made it to the recommended list on Daily Kos. It was a lively discussion on what to do about Rush and his use of the song "Barack The Magic Negro."

There were many calls for filing a complaint with the FCC. I doubt this will do any good. If you really want Rush off the air, you must go after the advertisers. But there are two types of advertisers that can be found on Rush's show. The first is the local advertiser who usually has no choice in the matter. Most stations I have dealt with at my ad agency will only sell a block of ads that are spread out across the day. So if you want your commercial to be included in morning drive time, you are forced to buy time during the rest of the day so many local advertisers get stuck with their spots during Rush whether they like it or not. This is why I NEVER recommend to any client radio ad buys - you just can't control placement unless you are a national advertiser. Those are who you want. The second type of advertiser is the national client who is buying the ad time through the EIB network, not the local station. These are the buyers that pay the bills, they pay for the satellite time to broadcast the show.

The other thing you can do is start contacting the stations. Here is a link to his affiliate list.

The best strategy here is to start pressuring the small market stations first. They don't have a lot of cash and DEPEND on local advertising so they may be more susceptible to public outcries of racism. Once smaller stations start canceling the show, larger one may follow suit when pressure is applied to them. If there are African American ministers in the radio station's area, encourage them to meet with the station manager and make their case.

I do not have a list of advertisers for Rush's show. The best way to do that is listen to the show today and make a list. Feel free to post those advertisers here.

UPDATE: Here is Rush's advertisers for the first half of his show today. Please REC!

Select Comfort

Biomet - Oxford Partial Replacement Knee

Barracuda Networks -

Cobranded spot: Trico Teflon Blades / Advance Auto

Hawthorne Suites

Cobranded spot: Laser Shield - / CompUSA

Quicken Loans

Cobranded spot: Pennington Seeds - / Lowes Home Improvement

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater -

Farmers Insurance

Administaff -

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation -]

Rotary Club